Create your own Will in just a few minutes

 Single Person Will £14.99

Creating a Single Will enables you to leave your estate and specific gifts to your family and friends.

You can also leave instructions for the care of your children, and your funeral arrangements.

You can use Nine Minute Will to create a Single Will for Yourself or on behalf of another Person.


Mirror (Couple) Will £24.99

A Mirror Will produces two Wills that are very similar in content, but mirror each other. This type of Will is appropriate for people who intend to leave their estate to their spouse and then to alternative beneficiaries on the surviving spouse's death.

You can use Nine Minute Will to create a Mirror Will for yourself or on behalf of another Couple (eg. Your Parents). 



A Will with us means peace of mind

We have been helping people for over 20 years
In many cases we are looking after 3 generations of a family, so you can be comfortable placing your trust in us
All of our staff and Will Specialists are in the U.K.
We are an Award Winning Company


What is included?

Complete our simple online questionnaire and we will produce your Will for you
Being an Executor can be difficult, complex (unless you are trained) confusing, upsetting and hard work. We will act as your Executors. We do not charge for being appointed as Executors* INCLUDED AS STANDARD
We will print your Will and send it to you for signing INCLUDED AS STANDARD
You must sign the Will and return it to us for verification
We will place the Original in Safe & Secure Storage (archive) and send you a copy for your records* INCLUDED AS STANDARD

*Subject to our terms and conditions.