How to Register a Death in England & Wales

When a person dies in England or Wales, their death must be registered with the Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Deaths referred to a coroner can't be resistered until the coroner has given the registrar permission to do so, but otherwise the death must be registered within 5 days unless the registrar gives permission to extend this time period.

You can register a death with any registrar in England and Wales by visiting the registrar’s office to tell them formally about the person’s death.

When visiting a registrar you will need to provide the registrar with the following information about the deceased person:

  • The date and location of their death
  • Their former residential address
  • Their first names and surname or maiden name
  • Their place of birth
  • Their surviving spouse or civil partner's date of birth
  • Their occupation and the name and occupation of their spouse or civil partner

You should also should take the following documentation:

  • Medical certificate showing cause of death
  • If possible, the deceased person's medical card and birth and marriage or civil partnership certificates

The registrar will provide you with a certificate for burial or cremation which gives permission for the body to be buried or to apply for the body to be cremated. You should take this certificate, known as the ‘green form’, to the funeral director so that a funeral can be held.

The registrar will also give you a certificate of registration of death, a certified copy of what is written in the death register. You might need a certified copy of the death certificate in order to execute the Will or to be able to process any claims on pensions, insurance policies, savings bank certificates and other assets.

The registrar can let you have a death certificate if you require one, but you will have to pay a fee.