Managing your Will


Who is eligible to be your witnesses?

Your witness must be at least 18 years old. A witness cannot be a potential beneficiary of your Will, cannot be a spouse of the beneficiaries, or a member of your own family.

Where do I keep my will?

Your Will should be kept in a safe place. You can keep it at home but consider keeping it at a secure and fireproof location with a solicitor or at a bank. With our Wills you automatically qualify for us to keep your Will in a safe place and we'll send you a set of Will retrieval cards.

How will my relatives know how to retrieve my Will?

If you have made a Will with Nine Minute Will we will send you a set of Will retrieval cards, which you can keep in your wallet and give to your relatives.

Unfortunately there is no national register of Wills so it is important that you inform your relatives about your Will.

What does a Will cost?

The cost of  Will can vary and often depends on the complexity of the Will. We offer single Wills for £19.99 and a set of mirror Wills for £29.99.

If you need a solicitor to draft your Will because your situation is more complex than can be covered in one of our Wills you should expect to pay at least £100 for a single Will and £150 for a mirror Will. But prices will vary by solicitor and the complexity of your situation and estate.

How do I change my Will?

Any Will can be amended by adding an official alteration called a codicil. This is a supplement to your existing Will that only changes parts of your Will but keeps the rest intact. For example this could be used for adding a beneficiary or gift. A codicil must be signed by you and witnessed.

You can append as many codicils as you like, but if more complex changes need to be made you should draft a new Will.

Can I cancel or destroy my Will?

Yes you can destroy your Will if you do no longer want it to be valid. You can do this by burning it, tearing it apart or clearly indicating that you want to revoke your Will.

The safest way to revoke a Will is to create a new Will and clearly state that any previous Wills and codicils are revoked.