Not Sure What Type of Will You Need?

Choosing a Will

Choosing a type of Will does not have to be confusing! Below we explain the available types of Wills, so you can determine which works best for your circumstances.


What is a single Will and who is it suitable for?

A single Will is suitable for any individual looking to make a Will. The document usually determines who should inherit a person’s belongings, sets out funeral arrangements and states gifts and executors.

A single Will is ideal for people who are not married or in a civil partnership. Or people who are married but have completely different wishes to their partner.

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What is a mirror Will and who is it suitable for?

A mirror Will is a set of two Wills that mirror each other. This allows two people to create a set of two Wills that have the same instructions.

It’s suitable for any couple, either married or not or in a civil partnership, if they have identical or very similar wishes. It is often more cost effective and easier to make a mirror Will than two separate Wills.

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What is included?

Complete our simple online questionnaire and we will produce your Will for you
Being an Executor can be difficult, complex (unless you are trained) confusing, upsetting and hard work. We will act as your Executors. We do not charge for being appointed as Executors* INCLUDED AS STANDARD
We will print your Will and send it to you for signing INCLUDED AS STANDARD
You must sign the Will and return it to us for verification
We will place the Original in Safe & Secure Storage (archive) and send you a copy for your records* INCLUDED AS STANDARD

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